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Latest News

Jan 2016
Men's Discipleship

  Unfortunately due to Nelda Mitchell’s illness and subsequent death, Ps Wayman Mitchell & Ps Greg Mitchell, were unable to attend our annual Men’s Discipleship seminars held on Thursday and Friday 25th & 26th August 2016.   Ps Jonathan Heimberg, along with UK leaders stepped in and a very powerful an anointed time was had by all.  Our fellowship is truly positioned for the last days harvest!!...

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May 2015
What Are The End-Times?

What Are The End-Times? The “End-times” is a period prior to the return of Christ (The Messiah) when God deals with the world in judgment.  This period is known by several names including “The day of the Lord”, “The Tribulation”, “Time of Jacob’s Trouble” and “Daniel’s 70th Week” . According to the books of Daniel and Revelation, the End times period of judgment, will last 7 years.   Entire chapters and sections of scripture are devoted to the End-times.  The most detailed account of this 7-year tribulation period is in the book of Revelation......

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