Resources for the New Believer

Purpose, meaning, and a reason for living — these are all things we desire and search for in life. The one and only way to find that meaning is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you don’t yet have a personal relationship with Him, please read How to Know God.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, you have made the most important decision of your life! You need to keep moving forward in your relationship with the Lord by taking these steps to grow spiritually:

Study The Bible


At The Potter’s House Portsmouth “Everyone Counts”.

In an ever-increasing congregation, we want to make sure “No One” gets “lost in the crowd”. With the twelve or twelve thousand, Jesus had time for the individual.

So we meet weekly on Thursday evenings in an informal setting to study God’s holy word.

We start with some praise & worship followed by a brief period to pray for personal needs. Then we consider a biblical topic geared towards deepening our understanding of Gods infallible word and faith building, through group participation.

Believers can ask questions and make meaningful contributions through their own experiences, testimonies and revelation.

This is followed with refreshments and an opportunity to get to know other Christians, who just like yourselves are discovering the wonderful power of God.

You don’t need an invitation from us… be our guest! You are assured of the most exciting time of your life as you… get involved!



prayerThe idea of talking to God can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, prayer can be a wonderful experience if we know how to do it God’s way. Fortunately, we have God’s Word to teach us how to pray.

The Bible instructs us to pray at all times, in any posture, in any place, for any reason. In addition, it does not matter whether you pray in King James English or the most contemporary jargon. God only desires that you pray from a pure and sincere heart.

The disciples observed the profound effect prayer had in Jesus’ life and ministry. They witnessed how Jesus would often go off by himself to spend time in prayer with his heavenly Father.

They saw the power, peace, and tranquility that came from his life, giving him the ability to stay calm in troubled circumstances. Jesus’ prayer life so impressed these men that they asked him to teach them to pray. (Luke 11:1-13) Certainly if the perfect Son of God often took time to pray during his life here on earth, how much more do we, mere men and women, need to pray?

Because prayer is an essential ingredient to walking with Jesus Christ, we need to examine its elements found in God’s Word.

  • Prayer was modeled for us by Christ. Jesus took the time to show his followers how to pray. (Matthew 6:5-15)
  • Prayer is Not a Lonesome Experience. God has given us his Holy Spirit to aid us in prayer, even when we do not know what to pray. (Romans 8:26-27)
  • Prayer Allows Us to Voice Our Requests to God. Prayer is God’s appointed way for us to relate our concerns and present our needs to him. (James 4:2-3)
  • Prayer Enables Us to Seek Forgiveness. When we pray sincerely for forgiveness, God will hear our prayers and restore us. (Hosea 14:1-7)
  • Prayer Helps Us Overcome Worry. In the midst of troubles, we can receive God’s peace through prayer. (Philippians 4:6-7)
  • Prayer Increases Our Spiritual Knowledge and Maturity. God will give us greater spiritual understanding through prayer. (Jeremiah 33:3)

What We Believe

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Join with Us

Fellowship is life and the lack of fellowship is death.  We need relationship with Jesus Christ and the best way to have this is by joining in a Pentecostal church service.  At the Potter’s House, that is exactly what you will find, people in true relationship with our Lord and Saviour.

So go on, why not join us at one of our:

Services @ Landport Community Centre
Sunday @ 10:30am

Address: The Potter’s House Christian Fellowship Church Portsmouth
Landport Community Centre
Charles Street (near Tesco)
Portsmouth PO1 1JD                        or

Bible Study on Thursday @ 7:30pm
(please ring Ps Desmond 0795 034 1461 for address details and check the calendar page for dates)