UK Bible Conference 9th – 13th November 2015

We had a powerful conference with Pastor Greg Mitchell, Pastor Sergei Golubev and Pastor Nigel Brown, as main preachers.

Luc Clerveaux testified that the conference radically impacted on him about praying, giving etc.

Uk Bible Conference 2015

Announcements from the 2015 UK Bible Conference were as follows:

*Please note: Highlight indicates a new pastoral couple into the ministry.


  1. Abdul and Michelle Yussuf returning after indigenising Queenstown, SA.
  2. Emmanuel and Claudine Okonkwo returning after indigenizing Anthony Village, Nigeria.

Returning for refreshing and redirection

  1. From Southampton back to Walthamstow Steve and Melonie Ware
  2. From Stoke back to Derby Freddie Ansah and wife


  1. Joining the pastoral staff in Walthamstow from Tottenham, Ernie and Karen Toppin.
  2. Taking over the church in Southampton from Walthamstow, Nathan and Sherell Palmer*
  3. Taking over the church in Tottenham, Abdul and Michelle Yussf
  4. Taking over the church in Stoke from Derby church, Denzil and Rusheda Gangaidzo*
  5. Going into Woking from Shepherds Bush congregation, Michael and Jean Sakyi*
  6. Going into Hatfield from the Northampton congregation, Leon and Leoni Williams*
  7. Going into Thetford from the Norwich congregation, Kane and Natasha Nichols*
  8. Going into Kilburn from Walthamstow congregation, Eric and Shalome Mumba*
  9. Going into East London, Emmanuel and Claudine Okonkwo

2014 UK Conference Couples